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Creating a fund specifically to help other babies receive the best possible care when born prematurely.

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The UK has the highest rate of premature birth in Europe.

Nationally 12% of all babies born need some level of special care
at birth (about 80,000) and 2.5% of all babies born need some level
of neonatal intensive care (about 17,000).(1)

This means in London alone, 11,000 babies each year or 30 babies
born each day need the extra care provided in neonatal units and
this figure is growing.(2)

(1) Office for National Statistics, ‘Birth Statistics’ – Review of the Registrar General on births and patterns of family building in England and Wales 2004’
Series FM1 No.33, 2005

(2) ‘Facts & Figures’ BLISS 2005